April 2nd, 2007

stained glass

Friends and family

I’m wondering how my two kids are going to get along when they’re my age. I am one of four kids; my husband is one of three. All my siblings and my husband’s siblings married and had either two or three kids. We have a total of 12 nieces and nephews between us.

When I managed to trash the styles on my website (see link at left)-- which isn’t fancy yet but at least it had some style after my friend Mike set it up for me--my nephew Edmund fixed it. The reason I have a nephew Edmund is that I have a sister named Robin. When Edmund is Uncle Edmund, he’s going to have a much smaller talent pool to draw on. If he needs help making the phaser phase or the flying car fly, he’ll have to hope his own kids have the skills and the patience to help dear old Dad, or that his sister’s soon-to-be-husband has handy genes to pass along.

I wish him luck. He deserves it.
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