April 3rd, 2007

lake with rowboat

What's doing in the blogosphere...

My friend Mindy, considerate as always, has a mention of a rapid-fire reading by some local DC speculative fiction authors on her blog mindy_klasky.

And I noticed that Kristin Nelson's blog has a nice post about how to pitch at writers' conferences. Very helpful!

And then there's lazy me, merely commenting on everyone else...

Change is good

I was feeling guilty for being lazy, so I rearranged the virtual furniture. I changed the look of my blog. Of course, mostly I'm still relying on other people's work--using canned styles and themes. Still, I feel like I did something useful. And I did mange to import a graphic a friend (well, the son of a friend) made for me.

It was interesting how the themes were named. This one is called Great Outdoors, which at least matches what you see pretty well. The Road to October turned out to be a closeup of a baseball instead of the country lane lined with fall foliage that I had expected. Go figure.

[NOTE: I changed it again! As of July. 2007, the theme is Hot Springs.]
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