April 8th, 2007

stained glass

Easter as a holiday

Today is Easter Sunday.

I’ve always found it interesting that Easter--absolutely the biggest holiday in the Christian calendar--isn’t an official U.S. government holiday. Because it always falls on Sunday, a day in which all non-emergency government offices are closed anyway, the government never made it a holiday. Christmas yes, Easter no.

When my kids were small, Easter was a big deal--dying eggs, hiding them, digging the Easter baskets out of the hall closet and then putting them out in the morning full of goodies and wrapped in colored cellophane. I’m not inclined toward organized religion, and now that my kids are grown up (23 and 17), Easter has become little more than just another Sunday. Nice but not a big deal.

April 15th, now, that looms large for all of us here in the USA. Sort of the anti-holiday.

At least it's not actually snowing today, not like yesterday. Sigh.