April 15th, 2007


PPWC 2007

This year's Pikes Peak Writers Conference is coming up. F.P. Dorchak, a very active PPW member, has posted an excellent account of what attending PPWC is like on his blog.

It's funny (as in peculiar, not as in humorous), but now that I've landed an agent, I almost miss the sense of purpose that came from going to PPWC. I never expected to, but I do. Amazingly enough, considering it's attended primarily by unpublished writers, PPWC is a very nurturing environment.

And it's a fun event, too. All the best to Skye, Sophia, Ceil, Brad, Olgy, Laurie (I think I'm spelling her name wrong) and all the other writers I met there! And thanks to Carol Berg for telling me about PPWC!