May 14th, 2007


Blog Hopping

I've described blog hopping as like bar hopping without the booze, but that's not entirely accurate. Sure you go somewhere, stay awhile, get bored and move on. But that doesn't explain the chain reaction nature of blog hopping. You're reading a blog and it mentions a site or maybe another blog. You go there, you read for a bit, see another mention and move on. And on. And on. It's highly addictive.

Even the Washington Post has blogs. That's where I saw this reference to a site that has conversations overheard on New York City streets. How bizarre is that? If you click the link, be warned! New Yorkers don't seem to have many G-rated conversations. Or even PG-13. Mostly R and NC-17.

I checked the About link and it turns out the site is a tie-in to a book of the same name. Go figure!