May 27th, 2007


Pros at cons

I just came back from Balticon, the regional science fiction convention held annually in Baltimore, MD. It started Friday and runs through tomorrow. I started going to conventions to network--at a convention the size of Balticon you can count on some agents and editors attending--but I have to say that they're also just plain fun. If you're into speculative fiction, you get to hear people who write the kind of stories you like talk about their work (and in some cases, talk, and talk, and TALK). I went to some interesting panels, walked quietly out of a few not so interesting panels, went to some readings, and in general had a great time.

I also got to meet my agent face-to-face for the first time. That was a rush! She's just as nice in person and now I have a face to put with the voice on the phone.

The photo above is from last year's Balticon (I forgot my camera this year) but the dealer's room looked pretty much the same this year. Next year's Guest of Honor is Connie Willis! Whoo hoo!