July 31st, 2007


Writer's Toolbox—in Esquire of all places!

The Pikes Peak Writer's list serve mentioned a site where people who had experienced certain situations (having amnesia, being mauled by a bear, etc.) described how they felt during them. It sounded like a useful site for writers, particularly spec fic writers, so I checked it out and discovered it's a feature of Esquire Magazine. It's called "What it feels like." Some of the entries are more Esquire-esque than others (e.g., what it feels like to want sex all the time!).

However, I most enjoyed the entry where Buzz Aldrin tells what it felt like to walk on the moon. He said that when he walked, the dust that was kicked up always fell in a perfect semicircle. He was also extremely aware of being watched from Earth in spite of the physical sense of isolation. Here's a quote about the lack of sound:

"When you're on the moon, there's very little audio around you, only the sounds of your suit — the hum of pumps circulating fluid. But you don't hear any amplified breathing inside your mask; that's a Hollywood contrivance. The name of the game on the moon is stay cool and don't exert too much so you're never out of breath. "

Cool site! Unexpected resource!