August 15th, 2007


Sure is quiet around here

Well, 3 packing boxes (shipped ahead), 3 checked bags (total weight, 108 pounds), and one carry-on later, my daughter Anne is on her way to ASU in sunny Tempe, AZ, USA. Post 9/11 travel being what it is, we said good by at the airport security gate. The flight is (amazingly) on time and she should get in some time this evening. My wonderful friend Carol will pick Anne up at the airport and tomorrow she'll take her to check in at the dorm.

Anne's adventure is about to begin. I'm so happy for her. (sniff, sob)

I'll just have to focus on what I won't miss . . . wet towels left on the bathroom floor, my hairbrush missing (she couldn't find hers), the mess from her room spilling out into the hallway.

All that aside, I'll still miss her.
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