December 9th, 2007

wedding scene

Whirlwind wedding

Sometimes love has to cross boundaries. My nephew loves a young woman he met while he was living in Mexico. In order to deal with immigration issues, they decided to have a small civil service right away, and save the big church wedding for when they get the paperwork straight. My husband and I flew to Providence, RI (the East Coast's easiest airport) and drove to Groton, MA, for a one-night visit so that we could be there. The service was held in an authentic Colonial-era inn. It was lovely! A lovely service, a lovely couple, a lovely visit. The only thing I would change would be making the bathroom warmer—although I suppose we should be glad the room had a bathroom. I prefer charm without too much authenticity.

Weddings are such a happy occasion to get the family together. The digital cameras were clicking the whole time! I even took pictures of people taking pictures! I finally managed to load my pictures onto Flickr if you're interested. I have a very good looking family.
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