December 12th, 2007

tree in snow

A temporal shift

Winter is the only temporally ambiguous season. All the months of spring, summer, and autumn fall within the same year. If you say the "summer of 2006" I know just when you mean. But if you say "the winter of 2007," do you mean this coming winter or the one that we were in last January?

I thought about this recently because I update my website with the seasons. The web is part of a writer's toolkit these days—both for research and for marketing—but a static website is considerably less useful than a dynamic one. So, with the help of my HTML & and FTP-literate friend Brian, I have updated my website for Winter 2007—2008. The current main page discusses the reasons I got into writing speculative fiction. And under the links section, Brian added a "contact Karen" link, and a link for a short story I wrote as a prequel to the novel my agent is marketing. It's the first time I've posted my fiction to the web.

So, go, click, enjoy! Leave me a comment if you've got anything to say.
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