January 20th, 2008


Different ways to tell stories

What's playing on the I-pod right now? "Dead Silence" by I've Never Been Musical

I have said before that I'm the least musical person I know. My college roommate would turn the stereo off when she left our room, because as she said, I wasn't really listening. She was right back then, but I do sometimes listen to music now. I recently bought a Vivaldi CD to play while driving, because I find "The Four Seasons" relaxing. And, thanks to stephdray , my internal radio is now playing the Jonathan Coulton song "Code Monkey" in my head, over and over and over again ("Code Monkey get up, get coffee; Code Monkey go to job"— Argh! Thanks so much, Stephanie!). I just wish I could power off my brain or find the damn channel switch!

The link stephdray posted was to a very funny video of Code Monkey made with Sims 2 software. Having never heard the song before, it intrigued me, and I Googled it, thus uncovering this blog entry where a librarian had listed all the videos of Code Monkey she could find on YouTube. It was quite a list! My favorites were the Sims 2 one and a girl named Emily, dancing the words to the song in her PJs. It amazed me that so many people had felt the compulsion to illustrate a song with a video (one of them used scenes from A Clockwork Orange!), and then I realized the videos seemed so similar because the people were, in fact, acting out the song. The song told a story that people empathized with, and they wanted to show that.

And also, it should be noted, Jonathan Coulton had the perspicacity to license the song through Creative Commons, thus increasing the avenues through which people who never heard of him (like me!) could hear his stories/songs. Yet another way in which technology changes the way we tell stories.