February 9th, 2008


Riding a BC all the way to SF

Years ago when I first started following online chats and list serves about science fiction, I was surprised when a poster who used the term "sci-fi" promptly got jumped on for being disrespectful. He was told firmly that he had to say SF if he didn't want to insult people.

It struck me as incongruous because there were other posts lamenting the shrinking speculative fiction market and wondering why more people weren't reading it, or complaining that fandom was getting older and younger people weren't joining in. And yet, here was someone who liked science fiction getting blasted for using the "wrong" term for it.

I was also surprised that folks in the field had adopted the term "SF" because to me that clearly meant San Francisco, I know if I had walked into a bookstore back then and seen an "SF" section, I would have wondered why there were so damn many books on San Francisco.

Now, more than ten years later, I frankly don't care if people want to say sci-fi or SF. They mean the same thing to me. However, the froofraw is still going on, as outlined by a recent post on shunn's blog. Most of that debate is about other things but part of it is the old "sci-fi" bugaboo.

With my own early experience in mind, I came up with this Collapse )

Just my two cents.