February 16th, 2008


Handsome is as handsome does

GalleyCat had an item on ugly award statuettes for literature. They mention in particular the Edgar for mysteries, which sort of looks like Edgar Allen Poe as a bobble head doll (except his head doesn't move) and the World Fantasy Award, which is a likeness of HP Lovecraft by Gahan Wilson (I always thought it looked more like an Easter Island giant-headed sculpture than anything else).

GalleyCat names the 2007 Hugo as a really cool award, what with the sleek rocket and the statue of Ultraman (the 2007 Worldcon was in Japan). This points out that the Hugo statuettes are new every year. Yes, it's always a rocket ship, but it can look very different from year to year. I remember hearing that an author had complained that the year she won a Hugo, it had rats on the space ship!

I can't imagine complaining about winning the Hugo!
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