February 25th, 2008


Does everyone know?

Am I the last to know that Tor is giving away free e-books? If you go to their site and sign up, you can get an occasional free e-book as well as their e-mail newsletter.

OK, it's a marketing ploy, but I find it fascinating. According to the website as of a few minutes ago, the current free book is Old Man's War by John Scalzi, and next week’s book will be SPIN by Robert Charles Wilson. Not bad!

So maybe this is the place of the e-book in the fiction world— electronic chum to draw in new readers? It makes sense to me. The average age of science fiction fans these days is well into the bifocal set, so we aren't likely to settle for the online version if we like the book enough to keep reading.

I just hope the Tor tech staff is up to the challenge. I haven't got any kind of e-mail reply yet. Has anyone else?
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