February 29th, 2008

gold shells

Leap Day x 2

Having twice knocked Tor for not sending me any acknowledgement, I have to report that I did get an e-mail today with a link to download Robert Charles Wilson's Spin (2006 Hugo winner). I guess February 29, Leap Day as some call it (see the Google logo), is a good day for me to leap forward into the digital age. I have now downloaded two e-books.

I must have missed the time limit for Old Man's War, but on the other hand, Tor did send a link for some free wallpaper, too.

To complete my leap to the digital age, today I met my goal! I blogged every single day this month. Admittedly, it's the shortest month in the year (and I did cheat a couple of times with the Writers Block link) but still, I posted every day for a month!
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