April 3rd, 2008


Is that query or quarry?

Why is it now that I have an agent I keep tripping over helpful sites about finding an agent? One of the comments on Kristin Nelson's PubRants blog included a mention of a Writer's Digest site that lists the best agent blogs—useful in terms of helping writers seeking an agent. Although it does list Ms. Snark without mentioning her unique blog is no longer updated.

Of course, by now I knew about all the agents on the list, but it was nice to see them all lined up in once place. All the agents on the list blog about being an agents—things writers should know like what they look for in query letter or m.s.s or how contracts work—but some post more often than others.
gold shells

Stop (or at least slow down) the presses!

An article in the Wall Street Journal (preview of article only because this is WSJ) reveals that HarperCollins (owned by the same parent as WSJ) is launching a new imprint that will operate under a different business model. They will pay little or no advances, and they won't take back unsold books. This suggests they will print fewer copies of each of the books they publish, which may mean fewer copies will sell. Or not.

In a way, it reminds me of Saturn. When GM wanted to branch out and leave behind the baggage (financial or reputation-wise) of their other car lines, they started Saturn. It's been a success. We'll have to see if this imprint does as well.