May 14th, 2008


When technology is an unfriendly thing

Following up on yesterday's post about writers who are jumping into the web feet first, GalleyCat had a post about writer Dennis Cass' book trailer. Cass spends the whole video talking on his cell phone with an unseen someone who seems to be urging him to tackle the plethora of technological outlets an author can use to publicize his book. The ironic thing is, it's a YouTube video about how little Cass wants to make a YouTube video. I loved the line about not needing a face to be on FaceBook.

On a related note, GalleyCat also mentioned this Granta article on "The Web Habits of Highly Effective People." They quoted author A.L. Kennedy: "I avoid going anywhere near YouTube because that can eat up a day. I don’t blog or Facebook. If I want to write, I’d rather do it to some kind of definable end."

True, but blogging has its own rewards. The trick is not to get addicted. Me? I can stop blogging anytime I want to....