June 11th, 2008

stained glass

Is there a reason this is a "small press"?

One of the new forums on the PPW website had a notice that someone has started a small press that specializes in "Christian fantasy and science fiction." Now there's a niche market for you! There are people who would consider that genre an oxymoron. On the other side of the fences are the folks who would call it redundant. To each his own, I say.

The company is called Marcher Lord Press and their guidelines for writers explain their requirements. A book has to have a Christian worldview before they'll be interested in it, and (more surprisingly) they aren't looking for YA.

They also have a very different business model from a large publisher:

". . . Marcher Lord Press offers no author advances. None. Authors receive a much higher royalty rate, but get nothing in advance. (Neither do they pay—Marcher Lord Press is not a vanity press or self-publishing entity.)"

They go on to say that their business plan calls for only online sales. If you're at all interested, you should check it out.