June 14th, 2008


Which came first?

I had problems with the download of the St. Martin's mysteries that I mentioned in yesterday's post. Still, between the Tor free downloads and the set I got through John Scalzi's efforts to get eligible Hugo voters copies of almost all the Hugo-nominated books, I now have a boatload of free e-books.

I have so far read only one! It's a pain to have to read on my laptop or my home PC. I'm seriously thinking of looking at a Kindle. Which leads me to the subject line of today's post: in the e-books and reader situation, which is the chicken and which is the egg? Well, not an entirely appropriate simile because for me, e-books definitely came first. But, if you need a reader to comfortably read e-books, then are all these free e-books an effort to lure me into buying the print versions of the books (or possibly other books by that author), or are they really a hidden inducement to buy the reader?