July 20th, 2008

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How I became Big Brother

One of the things I've been trying to do over the last year is to get more web savvy because writers nowadays have to be web savvy, right? Now, that's not easy to do because the web has morphed into many different things—marketplace, social site, alternate reality, you name it. But I do have my own website (although I rely on a friend to help me update it. Thanks, Brian!) and one thing I added in the last update was tracking software.

I now know that someone in Kenya has looked at my web pages! Likewise, people in Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Thailand, and the U.K. (at least one of those UK hits has gotta be david_bridger ). I can see the growing patchwork quilt of states here in the US where folks have looked at my site in the weeks since I installed the software (OK, since Brian installed the software). I can see that FireFox is the most popular browser, beating out Internet Explorer by a comfortable majority. I could tell I had a few Mac-using visitors when Safari popped up on the browser list.

It's totally cool and yet in a way, it's creepy! The virtual world is so easy to track, it makes me wonder if there will ever be any privacy in the real world.

Meanwhile, hello there, Kenya! Hoped you liked my story!

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