August 4th, 2008


Firemen's 'net?

I never saw much use for Twitter. It seemed to me like just a broadcast version of text messaging. Who wants to send 40 people the same message, especially since most of my text messages are to my children? ("Pls. call me." "Do u need a ride?" "R u alive?") However, my husband sent me a link to a PC World story about how the LA Fire Department has discovered Twitter and put it to use as a tool to disseminate information. Firemen in LA use Twitter to send interested parties messages about the status and location of fires and other emergencies. The program has been a big success, although some of the firemen took longer to catch on to the idea than others. PC World quotes one 22-year veteran as saying, "I don't have a problem running into a burning building ... but stepping out into the Internet was very intimidating."

I'll take the Internet over a burning building any time.

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