September 2nd, 2008


A very clever Little Brother?

There is an old saying , "Clever is as clever does." If true, Cory Doctrow is very clever! Today's GalleyCat has a post his about idea to help publishers sell more books. So many blogs review books, now, and Doctrow's idea (posted first on BoingBoing) is for publishers to always post bloggable images of books they publish, so that bloggers who want to review a book can easily include an image of the cover. Of course, sometimes Amazon has cover images but not always good ones—or even correct ones. And if publishers created their own sites for the covers, it would be easier for them to control the quality.

So simple, and yet not there yet!
Egyptian hieroglyphics

Spec fic makes the list — NOT!

GalleyCat reports the short list for the best first novel prize from the Mercantile Library Center for Fiction. The prize is named John Sargent Sr., the late head of Doubleday.

Of the books on the list, The Good Thief by Hannah Tinti (The Dial Press) is probably as close as any of them come to spec fic. The Washington Post Book World gave it a wonderful review and describes the setting as "surreal" (one step from magic realism, don't you think?). It sounds a little like Oliver Twist set in 19th century New England.

It will be interesting to see which book wins. I'm rooting for the most spec fic-ish.