September 12th, 2008

gold shells

Something else to depress me

My husband sent me a link to a Yahoo item about MTV "reality" star Lauren Conrad getting a book contract. If you're not familiar with Lauren Conrad, she's 22 and is famous for living the Beverly Hills lifestyle! Now HarperCollins is going to publish her YA three-book series titled L.A. Candy which will be "loosely inspired by Conrad's transformation from teenager to reality TV star and fashion designer."

What depresses me is this statement she made: "I've always loved books that I could lose myself in, ones that would transport me to another place, but had characters I could relate to..." She sees her life as one that other teenagers will relate to? This sounds a lot like the bad kind of fantasy—the fantasy that everyone can be rich and beautiful if they just want it badly enough.

And of course, she's 22 and has a book deal. That depresses me, too.

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