December 10th, 2008

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Life intervenes, but e-books are blooming

"Life intervenes" is a favorite saying of my agent, usually when she's explaining why something took longer than she thought it would. We had a family medical emergency this week, and it put everything on hold, so I am just catching up to what's going on in the biz.

Well, the stock market is on a roller coaster ride, and publishers and others are laying folks off left and right. The one bright spot seems to me to be e-books. The folks at Nintendo are adding e-books to their portable game platform by offering a cartridge with 1000 classic (read out-of-copyright) books. This makes the Nintendo DS a bit like the iPhone/Stanza approach— adding book content to a device the user will already have with them.

On the other hand, Amazon says their Kindle e-book reader will be out of stock until after Christmas. I am guessing Amazon underestimated the range of Oprah Winfrey's appeal. The special offer on her website ($50 off, long over, sorry folks) was so huge, it totally depleted their stock of Kindle 1.0 and now they don't want to (or can't) produce anymore in time for Christmas because Kindle 2.0 is launching in early 2009. Serious miscalculation on someone's part!

I'm glad I have my Kindle already! It comes in really handy when you're spending hours in a waiting room.

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