January 13th, 2009


One million readers can't be a bad thing!

GalleyCat reports that Stanza has been downloaded 1,000,000 times! The GalleyCat post cites this blurb from The Best App Ever Awards:

Stanza has redefined how everyone thinks about reading on a mobile device. While the iPhone is not the best device for reading electronic books, it's the device that we have. And Stanza does a great job at making the most of it and even in a free app.

I hadn't realized Stanza was free. Well, no wonder it's popular! So if you've got an iPhone, or an iPod Touch, you've got an e-reader with no extra expense. Except, of course, for the ebooks, assuming you buy them instead of just grazing the web for free ebooks.

Still happy with my Kindle.

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