February 6th, 2009

Lego in ultraviolet

Visual storytelling

As someone who loved the "make your own toy" creativity of Legos when my kids were young, I really appreciated the visual cleverness of this NY Times blog post by artist Christoph Niemann in which Legos are used to illustrate places, things, and situations. I think I would have liked these tiny works even more if I had been more familiar with Manhattan, but even for someone who hasn't been to NYC in years, they were still very clever.

Coincidentally, the user pic (thumbnail) for today's post is a photo of Legos shown in ultraviolet.

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Kindle books with no Kindle?

The NY Times is full of good stuff! In addition to the Lego artist in my earlier post, I also saw an item about Amazon announcing that they plan to make Kindle books available on mobile phones!

So it looks like all those folks who downloaded Stanza to their iPhones have given Jeff Bezos pause. The Kindle model works for older folks with bad eyes but lots of money. Younger folks want convenience, even on an itty bitty screen. If you can sell Kindle books to both, you're in better shape than with just old folks.

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