February 13th, 2009

Egyptian hieroglyphics

A contest with an international scope

A message on the Pikes Peak Writers list serve mentioned an interesting contest (click the options on the left for more info). For one thing, it's strictly for science fiction (and it sounds like that means true science fiction, not fantasy or alternate history, or any related genre. For a second thing, it's for novella-length fiction (the length limit is given in typed pages or characters, not words, which is a bit weird), not short story or novel-length. Third, because it's sponsored by a Spanish university, entries can be in Catalan, English, Spanish, or French. And finally, the prize is fairly substantial and is paid in euros. Six thousand euros, to be exact. Right now more than six grand USD, definitely not chump change.

The deadline is in July. Check out the rules if you're interested (click "Rules award" on the left). Wining entries are also published in an anthology.

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