March 29th, 2009


Where's my flying car?

The above subject line is often used as the title of panels at science fiction conventions. It now appears that the answer to this question is, in fact, “Wobern, Massachusetts.” Woburn is the home base of a company called Terrafugia that advertises that it will be selling “flying cars” within a few years— for about $200,000 a pop.

Their first model, the Transition®, is basically a tiny airplane that can fold its wings up and drive on the road with regular cars. We're still a long way from George Jetson's more sporty model. And of course, since it's an airplane, you would need a pilot's license to fly it. It's advertised range is about 400 miles, which might make it attractive to a small set of folks— people who want to commute a couple hundred miles to work and who happen to be licensed pilots and who have somewhere to park the thing while they're at work. And people who can afford $2000,000 toys.

Since I consider that the smaller the plane the less I want to fly in it, I will not be reserving one, even if I hit the lottery tomorrow.

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