April 19th, 2009

Apple, iPhone

A field guide to eReaders cites a classic

A Google Alert recently sent me to this blog on all things digital because it had a lengthy post outlining all the available and soon to be available eReaders out there. It's a nice summary/recap of where the eReader market is as far as the capabilities of each eReader. I think it still misses the point in terms of the difference between a eReader meant to read books versus the more business-oriented eReader, but it's very comprehensive.

One reason the post grabbed me was it starts with a quote from Arthur C. Clarke's novel 2001: A Space Odyssey where it describes the astronauts keeping up with news from Earth by using a device called a Newspad that could display headlines and full text from any newspaper in the world. It sounds a lot like Plastic-Logic's as yest unnamed eReader in appearance, if not completely in functionality. I liked that the blog quoted the novel even though the illustration is taken from the movie.

So, Sir Arthur may have been overly optimistic about space travel, but he was only about a decade off in terms of eReaders. I wonder if anyone has trademarked the name Newspad?

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