April 20th, 2009


Not Hugo Weaving, Hugo reading

The actor Hugo Weaving is known to genre fans for playing significant parts in both The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings. But I must admit, his name has always appealed to me. Who else has a name that's almost a sentence?

And now I keep thinking of him because I have a lot of Hugo reading to do. Having registered online for Anticipation (a.k.a. Worldcon 2009) in Montreal, I received a wonderful email with a zipped file containing electronic versions of most of the Hugo nominated written works and some electronic samples of John Picacio's art.

I promptly sent the short stories, novels, and novelettes to my Kindle. I still have the novellas to do, but I didn't want to jam up whatever email gateway software Amazon uses.

It's a wonderful use of a Kindle. And even if I don't get all of the various works read, I have a good way to at least sample the Hugo-nominated works before I vote for the Hugos. What a concept!

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