July 7th, 2009


The mighty Amazon

In spite of the user pic, I don't mean the river, or the rain forest, or even the woman warrior. Amazon (the web company) is working on new technology like crazy. The economy may have taken a nose dive, but they seem to be doing fine. Patents applied for most recently included a methodology for putting ads in ebooks (and I had better not be paying more than $9.99 if I see those ads in my Kindle!). Previously Amazon had applied for a way to make a digital pen (possibly for use with a Kindle-like device) and, perhaps most interestingly from a business standpoint, Amazon applied for a patent for what appear to be small, prefab buildings or kiosks. Some folks assumed those plans meant Amazon was planning to sell books, but I agree with the speculation that these structures will be used to rent out Kindles to travelers and others— a win-win situation as more people would probably buy Kindles if they could try one out first.

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