August 8th, 2009

Earth from space

Worldcon, Day 2

The day started at 9:00 with "Strolling with the Stars," a relatively new feature at Worldcon that involves an organized walk with several science fiction luminaries. this morning's stars included scottedelman and Ellen Datlow. We walked through Old Montreal, and I met a nice young woman from Nova Scotia named Sarah.

Next was a reading by Walter Jon Williams and Nancy Kress. They both read interesting selections, but the mikes wouldn't work! Then, halfway through WJW's reading, the mike in front of him came on suddenly, and his voice boomed out like God's.

Lunch was at a littler creperie in the old part of the city. Peach Melba crepes were yummy!

After lunch I went to Paul Krugman's talk about how science fiction inspired him to become an economist. He wandered off that road a good bit in his talk, but he was interesting and entertaining nonetheless. SRO crowd!

I spent some time getting ready to moderate the panel on ebook technology (Faking Paper), The panel went pretty well. Two panelists disagreed on some significant points but everyone was polite. Lots of audience questions.

We had a late dinner with mindyklasky at a little wine bar, and trooped back to the hotel tired but happy.

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