September 1st, 2009

red rose

Beauty is in the eye of the eReader

Surprise! There is yet another entrant in the eReader market. A Korean-based company called iRiver is bringing their own new eReader to market soon. From the look of their US product page, they already offer similar items, including a color-screen LCD reader designed for magazines.

But what does surprise me is this post on Fast Company titled "iRiver 'Story' E-Reader Has Looks to Kill the Kindle." If I could go back in time to talk to Jeff Bezos, I would tell him, "Jeff, baby! You gotta change the name! Don't name your eReader anything that starts with a K or every new device will be labeled a "K*-killer." Copy editors just cannot resist alliteration in writing headlines. What gets me is Fast Company's post talks up the Story (an even weirder name than Kindle) as being sexy-looking, while running down the Sony as boring and the Kindle as ugly. Well, when I look at the picture they posted, I see a device that looks like it was made by a guy with a Kindle 2 sitting on the table in front of him for inspiration (I am using "guy" as a gender-neutral term, BTW). Unlike Kindle, the Story hase no visible buttons on the sides that I can see, but certainly, the way is fits into the case and the overall shape, plus the keyboard make the Story a kissing cousin to the Kindle 2, as near as I can tell. The Fast Company post gives it an edge for file formats supported but never mentions that it doesn't seem to have wireless. The SlashGear post has more detail and credits MobileReads with breaking the news.

Wonder who will come out with the next one? Apple's "iPod event" is coming up next week.

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