February 5th, 2010


Nature 1, humanity 0

It is going to snow again. It has already snowed more in the last six weeks than it usually snows in Washington DC in an entire winter. Thanks to the wonder of satellite imagery, we know we will get blasted with as much as two feet of snow over the next 24 to 36 hours.

I am so sick of SNOW! I don't care how pretty it is. If I hear the phrase "Winter wonderland" one more time I am going to lose it.

The first two big snows weren't so bad; they started on Saturdays, and I could sit home and watch it come down. But this one is starting on a workday, and besides that, there's another one on the way that should arrive on Tuesday or so. Snow-flocked trees might look pretty but snow-flocked roads are a hazard.

One reason I liked living here was the paucity of natural disasters. Earthquakes are the worst, because there's no warning. Tornadoes are next; there's usually a general warning that there might be a tornado, and at least it usually hits a targeted area. Hurricanes are really huge, but at least you know they're coming days in advance. Wide-scale fires also usually get a warning.

We're the opposite of California— no earthquakes in hundreds of years, tornadoes are mostly tiny, if at all, and it's too green for brush fires to take hold on a big scale. We do get the occasional hurricane, but note mention above about warning.

We also usually have four distinct seasons, although spring and fall often seem too short. And although our summers can be hot and very muggy, our winters are usually not extreme. Snow doesn't last because it usually doesn't stay below freezing more than a few days at a stretch.

Until this winter. I guess maybe Mother Nature just wanted to remind us that ultimately, she's in charge.

And she sure must like snow.

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