February 24th, 2010

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Rampant plagiarism

I have a brand new laptop! As a result, I have been playing with my new toy instead of blogging. Consequently, I stole most of today's post from this PW article on DIY publishing. Considering it appeared in Publisher's Weekly, it's surprisingly friendly to the idea of self-publishing, and very small (as in they don't even have contracts with the authors) presses.

Why should I bother writing anything up on this topic when Andrew Richard Albanese has already said it so well? Besides, he includes a small press author's "Five Stages of Publishing" at the end of the article, and it's pretty hilarious. It's aimed at literary writers, but us genre folks can still have a laugh at it.

You should check it out. The title of the article, "A Staggering Work of Publishing Genius," references a new small press called Publishing Genius and is, of course, a RIF on the more traditonally published A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (best book title ever!).

Now excuse me while I get back to playing solitaire.

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