April 4th, 2010


Happy Spring!

You may think that's the Easter Bunny in my user pic, but since my maiden name is Wester, that is in fact, the Wester Bunny. We made that joke when I was a kid and we got a pet rabbit— white, not brown like this little guy— and he is the reason I can't eat rabbit. But if you celebrate Easter, then Happy Easter. And if you don't then happy Spring!

I love spring! My bulbs came up, the grass is turning green, the fruit trees are flowering like mad. Instead of one huge park like New York, Washington has many tiny parks. DC is laid out in a grid with a series of diagonal streets laid over it, so that it's full of traffic circles (supposedly intended to provide a place to put the cannons to defend the city in case of attack) and odd triangular blocks of land. This time of year, the circles and triangles become geometric islands of green.

In a few months I may well be posting moaning complaints about the heat and humidity, but for right now, I'm glad to live in an area with four distinct seasons. I suppose there's nothing like two and a half feet of snow to make one appreciate daffodils.

And we're having lamb for dinner. I love lamb. I am so happy we never had a pet lamb.

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