October 29th, 2011

Ducks with willow

WFC Update

I broke down and paid the highway robbery fee for wifi in the room, so I am putting this catch-up post online from my laptop, which means I can't blame the typos on an iPad keyboard.  

The con started Thursday.  As usual for WFC, there are two panels and and two readings in each one-hour time slot. I went to one of the first panels, which was on undersea civilizations. It was interesting, but kind of funny, because the programming committee had tried hard to only have fantasy topics for the panels, but except for token mentions of mermaids, the panelists kept sliding back into science fiction.

The opening ceremonies were next, with brief appearances by the Guests of Honor (except Jo Fletcher, who had been detained).  Next I went to Carol Berg's reading, which was from the third (not out yet) book in her Collegia Magica series.  From there I dashed down to catch the second half of the presentation on adaptation in animals from the San Diego zoo. I got to see a porcupine and a lesser anteater, and I heard a lot about the African Serval, a long-legged, big-eared cat with both stripes and spots, but the serval would not come out of her crate (the keepers, to their credit, did not try to make her), so I never saw her. The last animal shown was a Binturong, also known as. a bearcat, even though it looked more like someone had crossed an anteater with a sloth. It was awfully cute and much less shy than the serval. 

Thursday wrapped up early for me, because jet lag hit, and I went to bed early for San Diego time, but 1:00 am for the east coast,

Friday started with breakfast at the Broken Yolk Cafe with scottedelman. Programming was basically Connie and Neil Day. Connie Willis gave a lovely talk on her career in general and answered questions. Neil Gaiman did a reading of several different works, and Connie and Neil together talked about writing and their work. The day wrapped up with the mass autograph siging, whcih again proved the adage that if the Neil Gaiman signing line isn't huge, you're in the wrong place. 

I didn't bring the cable to copy photos from my camera, but I have tweeted several photos from my phone, if you want to see them. I'll include the one of Neil Gaiman's reading here.  Tomorrow's post will cover Saturday's events. I need to put my feet up!
Neil Gaiman reads at WFC 2011

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