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10 Things I Have Learned This Winter

1. No one controls the weather. If it wants to start snowing just when rush hour starts, it will.

2. Always visit the restroom before you leave the office for the day.

3. An electric snow shovel is no use in a power failure.

4. There is an enormous difference between a small amount of light and no light.

5. It's good to diversify your appliances; a gas water heater is still works in a power failure.

6. A booklight is a handy thing to have in a power failure. You can not only read with it, you can clip it onto something and aim the light where you need to, like say the shower, where you are trying to wash your hair in the dark.

7. Always be sure to keep your gas tank near full when driving in bad weather.

8. Being really thirsty and really hungry can be good things, if you have to pee really badly. The first two take your mind off of the third. (see item 2)

9. No matter how bad the roads are, there will be at least one idiot who still tailgates (usually he will be right behind me)

10. Keep your Kindle charged and in your purse/backpack at all times! Once you have turned the engine off, it's okay to read behind the wheel.

It's supposed to be warmer this weekend, so I was thinking about spring and reflecting on how truly sucky the winter has been. A 7-1/2 hour commute, followed by an hour and a half digging out the driveway enough to park the car, and then going into a cold, dark, powerless house will make anyone sick of winter. A few days with only intermittent power will then induce a philosophical monologue or the kind of list shown above.

I just hope that damn groundhog is right!

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