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A comment on our times

I've always liked Nora Ephron's work. She always seemed a lot like Dorothy Parker only nicer—a wit but not an acid wit. I saw a very clever piece by her in today's New York Times on the six stages of e-mail. It's a riff on the Stages of Grief thing. Stage One is Infatuation. Next is Clarification, then Confusion, Disenchantment, Accommodation... and Death. As someone who can remember when e-mail was new, I could relate.

Some of my favorite lines...

"...The phone occasionally forces you to make actual plans with the people you talk to — to suggest lunch or dinner—even if you have no desire whatsoever to see them. No danger of that with e-mail.

"[e-mail] was just born and overnight it turns out to have a form and a set of rules and a language all its own.

"I have 112 unanswered e-mail messages. I’m a writer— imagine how many unanswered messages I would have if I had a real job."

For Stage Six (Death!) it just says "Call me." I'm not entirely sure what she means by that. Could be e-mail only stops at death. Could be that she's given up on e-mail.

Heavens no! I wonder if she ever blogs?
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