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A plug for Hugo

I am not going to Worldcon this year.  I have been to several Worldcons, but I certainly don't go every year. We already went to Arizona for a week, we will be in San Diego for WFC, and we still have my son's wedding this fall, so Workdcon is just too much to contemplate for 2011.  And yet, I bought a membership yesterday. 

No, I'm not nuts! I didn't spend $195 for a con I have no intention of attending; I spent $50 for a supporting membership. What does a supporting membership get you, you ask?  Well, the biggest benefit is, you get a ballot to vote for the Hugos. And indirectly, thanks to farsighted folks like John Scalzi, all Worldcon members are eligible to download the glorious Hugo Voting Packet.  This packet just gets better and better every year. It always includes most of the works nominated for the Hugo (short stories, novelettes, novellas, and even the novels) as downloadable ebooks. This year the short fiction was even in Mobi format, so those items were dead easy to load onto my Kindle.
The idea is that people who vote on the Hugos should read what they're voting for or against. I think it's a fabulous idea! If you had plans to buy the novels, you could actually save money getting a supporting membership instead. And for the short fiction, it's great because it's all in one place— no hassle, no expense, no reading on a PC screen. 

As a bonus, members of this year's Worldcon get to nominate works for next year's Hugos, too.  Plus you get all the progress reports and the program.  And you don't even have to get on a plane or go to Reno. -)
Sign up now so you have time to read everything before you vote!
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