karen_w_newton (karen_w_newton) wrote,

Con update and Hugo deadline approaching!

If you are a member of Renovation, this year's Worldcon, remember that the deadline for Hugo voting is July 31. I have been trying to get everything read in time to vote, and I am close to finishing enough of each entry to feel comfortable casting my ballot, but I do need to watch some of the Dr. Who episodes. I feel less pressure in making a  choice on the dramatic presentation entries because those tend to get higher numbers of people voting than in the written word categories.

I won't be attending Worldcon this year, but I am thinking about going next year, when it's in Chicago— easier to get to, and I won't have a wedding and a graduation trip to pay for in the same year (not that we're paying for the whole wedding, but we are doing our part). Besides, Story Mugrave will be a Guest of Honor, and my husband really likes him. What a perfect match for a science ficiton convention, an astronaut whose first name is Story! 
This year we are going to the World Fantasy Convention. It's right after the wedding, so we will need a break, and it's in San Diego so were going to stay an extra day or two. 


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