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My dad lives in San Juan Cosala, in Jalisco, Mexico. It's a lovely climate there, and a lot of expatriate Americans and Canadians and even a few Europeans retire there for the weather and the low cost of living. But low cost is not no cost, and people are poor. When there are orphans, a lot of times there are no relatives who can afford to take the kids in. The Lake Chapala Charities runs an orphanage called the Villa Infantil that has 30 kids in its care.  It's been there a long time, but recently they had a full-scale federal inspection.  They've been told they have to fix some things ASAP or they will have to close their doors. The kids there all have ties to the community and would miss their virtual relations if they had to move somewhere, besides breaking up kids who have been friends for years.
Kids at the orphanage 
If you have a Paypal account and a few bucks to spare, you can help out these kids out by going here and clicking Donate Now. When the panel comes up, fill in your info and select "Villa Infantil" from the list of charaties.  Then pay with Paypal and you're done.  They'll send you an email receipt for tax purposes.

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