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When did if get to be almost-Christmas?

Has it really come to this? Blogging once a frigging month! Wow, that is really bad. But I have been busy, really busy. Yesterday I went to a friend's Cookiepallooza cookie exchange, It's a great idea; you bring four dozen home-baked cookies and take home four dozen different cookies (minus any you eat there). And if I hadn't gone to that, I couldn't tell you about my friend's new site called Nook Lovers, which is, no surprise, for folks who like to read on the Barnes & Noble Nook.  Stephanie writes romance as well historical fiction and fantasy, and she's also into digital reading, so she decided to create this site to alert other Nook lovers about free and cheap ebooks for the Nook.

But that was just one weekend (and  didn't even make the cookies myself; my daughter made them for me). What other excuse could I have?

really ugly striped wallpaper

Well, we got new phones, Droid Bionics, and it took a while to learn to use them.  And then between work and the leaking shower (soon to be replaced in a total makeover of the entire bathroom), I have been swamped! In an effort to garner sympathy, I used my new phone to take a picture of the doomed wallpaper in my bathroom. If you know of a contest, feel free to nominate it for the world's ugliest. I have been looking at that wallpaper for over 20 years, so cut me some slack!

See you after Christmas, I promise! 

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