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Attention Worldcon Members!

If any of you were members (supporting or attending) of Worldon last year or if you're attending this year, you can nominate works for the 2011 Hugos using the online form on the Chicon 7 site.  You can also nominate of you've already signed up for Worldcon 2013 in San Antonio.You will need your membership info and a Chicon 7 Hugo PIN; instructions are on the form, but hurry because nominations close TOMORROW

I didn't go to Worldcon last year, and I probably won't go this year, but I usually buy a supporting membership even when I don't go for two reasons. The first is that you get the Hugo voting packet, with virtually all the nominated written works in ebook format. The second is that you get to nominate and vote for the Hugos. The numbers are not that big as far as who wins the Hugo—in the hundreds, not in the thousands—and they're even smaller in terms of nominations. Novels have gotten on the ballot with fewer than a hundred nominations.  If there's a book or shorter work out there you enjoyed, and you're eligible, why not nominate it? And if it makes it to the ballot, you will have helped bring it to a wider audience right there. 

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