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Seasons greetings?

It's springtime in Washington,DC! The cherry blossoms and the tourists have both arrived.  One of the first signs that spring is here is the annual rite of drinking and partying known as St. Patrick's Day. We spent the evening at a lovely party hosted by tomdoyle and his partner Beth. Among others, the party was attended bysandystewart and his wife Risa, and scottedelman and his wife Irene. As Tom is of Irish extraction and just had a short story win a place in the Writers of the Future anthology, the theme was Ireland of the Future and Scott and Irene took this theme to heart, as you can see in this pic.Irene and Scott pretending to be Irish
More recently, I signed up for that harbinger of summer (at least here in DC), Balitcon!  Balticon is a regional convention held (as you might have guessed) in the Baltimore area. Since it's held Memorial Day weekend, it's sort of a season opener for both summer and the con season. 

Next thing you know, it will be fall and it will be time to think about making reservations for the World Fantasy Convention in Toronto. 

My, how time flies! 

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