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DC Power Players and me

I live in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC. I work in Virginia, and every day I drive home through a small corner of our nation's capital, but I rarely go into the District otherwise. Unlike my friend mindyklasky I don't take enough advantage of the many museums and cultural attractions DC has to offer, but today I spent the afternoon in DC in the DAR Constitution Hall, watching the filming of the game show Jeopardy!

I've always been a Jeopardy! fan, and when a friend of my daughter's couldn't use the two tickets she had (my heart bleeds for her), I snapped them up. It was quite a trek to get there. This being DC,we had to check for protests before driving into the city, and sure enough, there were some road closings because of World Bank meetings, so we decided to take Metro,  Then, of course, we had to check for track maintenance; this time we got luckier; they were working on the other end of the red line, so we were OK.

We lucked out in a couple of other ways. The tickets said the doors opened at 2:30 pm, so we got there at 1:30, and the doors were already open! When we went to wait in the line in the lobby, we were shuttled off to the handicapped entrance, even though neither of us is handicapped. I figured it out once we got our truly wonderful seats. They let a bunch of us old folks cut in line so we wouldn't keel over or anything like that. Our row was full of gray-haired and no-haired geezers, the hearing aid and cane set. I recently decided to stop covering the gray in my hair, and now I'm wondering whether I should go back to coloring my hair or just enjoy the benefits of age (a young man offered me a seat on the Metro! That hasn't happened since I was nine months pregnant!).

Once the filing started it was fun to watch. They do a complete practice game for each set of celebrity contestants (I wonder if regular contestants get that?) so in a way, we watched four games. I noticed some of the contestants did  noticeably better in the rehearsal game; I don't know whether to attribute that to nerves or luck (in terms of knowing the categories). All the contestants were playing for great charities so it made it difficult to root for anyone in particular. 

I also managed to take the picture at the right before they announced were weren't supposed to take any photos (yes, mtlawson, I DO know I am the reason they made that announcement!). If you watch Jeopardy the week of May 14, watch for me in the audience. I am there for the game with Katty Kay, Chris Wallace, and Dr.Oz, and the one with Anderson Cooper, Kelly O'Donnell, and Joseph Friedman. I won't spoil things by telling you who won, but one game was a runaway and one was not.

There was one science fiction question. In the category "A.C." (meaning the answer was two words that started with A and C) the clue was about a science fiction master winning an award, and the answer was (naturally) Arthur C. Clarke. The panelists didn't get it! But it was fun doing something I had always wanted to do. 

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