karen_w_newton (karen_w_newton) wrote,

I'm back and I'm in print!

Gosh, it has been ages since I posted here. The  LJ interface looks radically different, and I hope I can remember/figure out what to do.  

Anyway, I decided my first short story sale finally seeing the light of day was too big for me not to post about it,  My short story "Cold Comfort: (it's about a woman who gets emotionally involved with her refrigerator) appeared in the Fall 2012 issue of SPACE AND TIME agazine. I was tinkled pink to see it come out (a year or so after I sold it).

It's the last story in the issue, and it even got an illustration! Sorry, I took the pic with my cell phone so it's not great art, but what the hey!

Tags: "cold comfort" space and time, my fiction

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