karen_w_newton (karen_w_newton) wrote,

Balticon 2013

With my husband still recovering from surgery, we did a very abbreviated Balticon this year, only one day. In fact, I went to exactly one panel, which was on self-publishing. The panel was pretty good as it talked about very specific things like tools to use for conversion and how much artists get paid for covers (very little to lots, depnding on the artist and the type of cover). I would have liked more on page layout, as all anyone seemed to use was MS Word, which sucks swamp water at book layout.

It seemed to me that there were a lot more hall costumes this year, with a heavy emphasis on steampunk (see below) and also there were quite a few small children in costumes (mostly fairies and such).  We had a very nice day and got to see some of our con-going friends, and we did sign up for memberships in Capclave, which we plan to attend.

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