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Call me cynical . . .

I read an item on GalleyCat that brought out the cynical side of my nature. Someone has figured out that a) tons of folks are writing speculative fiction, b) spec fic does not pay well and has a small print market, so it's difficult to get published and c) in media (movies and TV) speculative fiction can pay big bucks!

Their solution is to provide an online (read low cost to them) venue for aspiring writers who would have to agree to cut these folks in for a share if their stuff ever gets picked up anywhere that pays real money (not just the actual story that was published, but the universe/characters/concept). They say they're looking for "less-established and new authors who will be amenable to our terms." Read: desperate enough (or dumb enough) to sign anything.

They're advertising for an editor for their e-zine on Craig's List. Presumably the ad is listed under "Editor wanted, no scruples needed."

It's probably legal, but sheesh!
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