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Unavoidable, inexcusable, just plain wrong

I try to avoid discussing politics on this blog. Lord knows there are plenty of political blogs out there. But some things are just so wrong I feel a need to speak up, just so it's clear where I stand.

My brother sent me a link to an article on Slate about a court case the Bush administration just settled. It seems that in 2004, two Texans in West Virginia dared to show up at a speech Bush was giving on the 4th of July wearing anti-Bush t-shirts! Can you imagine? I wonder what made them think they had the right to do that? Oh, wait, I forgot about the Constitution! I guess W. did, too.

Anyway, the two of them sued Gregory J. Jenkins, former Deputy Assistant to the President and "Director of the White House Office of Presidential Advance" (whatever that means). Without admitting they did a single thing wrong (The protesters were handcuffed and booked--photographed and fingerprinted-- for "trespassing" on the state capitol grounds and held in jail for several hours) the government agreed to pay the two protesters $80,000. I should also mention that it was the White House Event staff who ordered this whole debacle. I'm guessing that's where Mr. Jenkins comes into it.

The article also describes a Bush administration manual that gives advice on how to deter (i.e., prevent) protesters from making any kind of appearance when the President is speaking, and suggests packing the stands with only people who support him to the hilt. With those guidelines, Bush may be speaking to empty seats pretty soon.

I can understand how Bush can think he's totally right. I can even understand how people who feel under attack could think supporting him is the right thing to do.

What I don't understand is why the Canadians haven't marched south to restore our liberty and depose the tyrant. I know I'd throw flowers in their path.
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